A Day in the Life

Hello friends! Hannah here 🙂

I’m homeschooled, so many of you probably don’t know what a “day in the life of a homeschooler” looks like. I’m here to show you! No, we don’t sit around and watch tv in our pajamas all day. We have a life too you know 😉 Why don’t you join me for the day? It’ll be fun!


8:00 AM – Mabel says good morning, up close and personal.


8:15 AM – let’s start the day off right with Caribou Iced Coffee. This stuff is AMAZING. (greek yogurt with dark chocolate chips not pictured – it looked a little bit like mud with dirt clods in it so I decided it wouldn’t be the most photogenic thing to post.)


my mom trying to eat her breakfast. :’)


8:30 AM – time for school!


she can be a bit of a distraction.




9:00 AM – she’s finally asleep! Thank heaven for small miracles.


10:00 AM – working on diphthongs in Spanish (ignore my misspelling of “diphthong” on my paper. I don’t need to know how to spell it, I just need to know what they are.)


11:30 AM – everything’s checked off! 😀


12:00 PM – eating leftover hamburger and macaroni and cheese while watching So You Think You Can Dance: Next Generation that I recorded Monday night. I’m so obsessed with this show.


1:00 PM – going out to run a few errands…how am I ever going to decide what to wear?


(4 hours later) (Just kidding) 1:15 PM – I decided on my new Ralph Lauren Oxford Tank (!) and white shorts. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. White after Labor Day, what?!? A rebel is what I am, truly.


1:45 PM – all primped, powdered, and ready to go!


2:00 PM  – me and my Lilly cup are on the road!


2:15 PM – trying to be artsy in my rear view mirror.


2:30 PM – library haul for National Book Day!


3:00 PM – new jeans for….um…Buy Yourself New Jeans Day?


3:30 PM – cheesy breadsticks at Sam’s Club because I believe in a healthy lifestyle.


4:00 PM  – back home! I saw the sun coming through the blinds in my bathroom and thought it would make some cool photos.


These turned out really cool in my opinion!


5:00 PM – having a little down time with Color Switch before dinner. Obviously I was having issues with level 72.


6:00 PM – a delicious dinner of Hatch Chile mac and cheese (yes I know I already had mac and cheese for lunch don’t judge me) and hotdogs! Like I said, I believe in healthy living…but only when there isn’t cheese involved. If there’s cheese then all bets are off.


7:00 PM – lyrical class! This is one of my favorite parts of the week ❤


9:00 PM – doing my Bible study and prayer journaling.


10:30 PM – wow, that was a long day. if you will excuse me, my bed is calling. good night!






Me: The Vintage Prepster

Prepster: A combination of equal parts hip and preppy in one person.

Vintage: A timeless style or era.

Yep. That pretty much sums me up. Equal parts hipster and preppy, with a quirky vintage edge. My name is Hannah, and fashion is a big part of my life. Probably bigger than it should be, but you know, we all have our faults. Last year I ran across a magical thing called Pinterest. On that magical thing called Pinterest there was an even more magical thing that seemed to be very popular: outfits on white backgrounds. “I must make those!” I said with feeling, gesturing wildly for emphasis. I immediately signed up for Polyvore, the most magical thing of all. That really instilled a love of fashion in me. Granted, my online fashion is pretty different than my real-life one, but everyone is cooler online than they are in person. I use words like “sup” online. Talk to me in person, and you will be dealing with a nerdy introvert who would much rather blog than go to a social gathering of any kind. True story. Anyways.

The vintage prepster. That’s me. 🙂


check out my polyvore account: http://grace-and-aesthete.polyvore.com/