101 in 1001

I’ve been seeing these “101 in 1001” posts on a lot of blogs lately, so I decided to make my own. Basically, it’s just a bucket list of things I want to do before the 1001 days are up. I’m pretty excited about it! As I complete items on the list, I’ll put a “šŸ™Œ” beside it. šŸ™‚

Start – October 17, 2016

End – July 15, 2019

(There’s no real order to this list, so just bear with the chaos if you don’t mind.)

  1. Reach 1000 followers on my blog.
  2. Become sponsored by a well-known brand.
  3. Be a Jadelynn Brooke Ambassador.
  4. Be featured on another blog.
  5. Start an Instagram account.
  6. Attend a Fashion Week.
  7. Get accepted to the Nordstrom Fashion Ambassador Program.
  8. Buy a pair of Bean Boots.
  9. Buy a Lauren James Dress.
  10. Buy a Vineyard Vines Pullover.
  11. Get a scholarship.
  12. Get a job.
  13. Write an article for the newspaper.
  14. Get accepted to a college.
  15. Become fluent in Spanish.
  16. Tutor someone.
  17. Read War and Peace.
  18. Read Moby Dick.
  19. Write a book.
  20. Get an A+ on a math test. šŸ™Œ
  21. Wear purple lipstick.
  22. Babysit 3+ kids by myself.
  23. Lead a Bible study.
  24. Choreograph my own dance for recital.
  25. Act in a play.
  26. Be on tv.
  27. Cook a fancy dinner.
  28. Meet someone famous.
  29. Carve a pumpkin.
  30. Go to a football game.
  31. Take someone’s wedding photos.
  32. Sew an outfit for myself.
  33. Dye my hair.
  34. Get my second ear piercing.
  35. Go to NYC.
  36. See a Broadway show.
  37. Learn to shoot a gun.
  38. Run a 5k.
  39. Take a Crossfit class.
  40. Take a Hip-Hop class.
  41. Repaint my room.
  42. Start a Youtube Channel.
  43. Make bread from scratch.
  44. Record a song.
  45. Make a gallery wall.
  46. Reach 100+ likes on a blog post.
  47. Read every single book I own.
  48. Start a morning routine.
  49. Grow my hair out.
  50. Wear really high heels.
  51. Go to prom.
  52. Get ASKED to prom.
  53. Buy a bike.
  54. Buy a new camera lens.
  55. Buy a phone.
  56. Give a speech.
  57. Go to the State Fair.
  58. Buy a waffle iron.
  59. Throw a party.
  60. Make the volleyball team.
  61. Go camping.
  62. Clean out my closet. šŸ™Œ
  63. Rearrange my furniture.
  64. Get my drivers license.
  65. Be shorter than Jordan. (Inside joke…it’s a long story.)
  66. Watch movies for an entire night.
  67. Have a media fast for a week.
  68. Get my passport.
  69. Whiten my teeth.
  70. Get a Clarisonic brush.
  71. Get a Naked eyeshadow palette.
  72. Get a Daniel Wellington watch.
  73. Go Christmas caroling.
  74. Watch a horror movie.
  75. Learn to ride a Ripstick.
  76. Go on a mission trip.
  77. Slam dunk a basketball.
  78. Dance in the rain. šŸ™Œ
  79. Go to the zoo.
  80. Be vegetarian for a week.
  81. Beat every level on Color Switch.
  82. Walk Mabel outside. (My cat.)
  83. Make a gingerbread house.
  84. Sing in front of people without squeaking. (Don’t ask.)
  85. Get an award.
  86. Start a club.
  87. Make a succulent garden.
  88. Take a Photo a Day for a year.
  89. Hand out candy on Halloween.
  90. Have a lemonade stand.
  91. Wear an ugly Christmas sweater.
  92. Get a gel manicure.
  93. Create my own Starbucks drink.
  94. Order the “Purple Starbucks Drink”. šŸ™Œ
  95. Eat a whole pizza by myself.
  96. Cut bangs in my hair.
  97. Go to the mountains.
  98. Read the whole Bible.
  99. Look at stars through a telescope.
  100. Save up $100+.
  101. Finish 101 in 1001!

WOW that was a lot of typing. šŸ˜³ I’m really excited to try this though, so it was totally worth it!

Thanks for reading! šŸ™‚

xo, Hannah


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