Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful week – I know I have.

I thought I’d start a little “catch up” post every Friday to get you…real shocker coming here…caught up. 😉

I’ve been pretty busy with school, but I got an adorable Lilly Pulitzer Agenda to help keep up with everything.


It’s cute, right? I love that it’s small enough to fit in my purse. That was actually the first piece I’ve bought from Lilly Pulitzer; as much as I love them, they overprice their items. That wasn’t going to be the last Lilly item I got though because….


AH I was so excited! It was an early birthday present from my dad. I got a few more cute pieces that I’ll show you guys next week. 🙂

My 15th birthday was yesterday! I went shopping with my Mom and got a really cute vest that you will definitely be seeing this fall and winter. After a great day of shopping we went out to eat at this incredible Mexican restaurant in my town. I wore this Lacoste dress I got at Goodwill for $4! 😮 This would probably sell for $140-$150…I was so proud of myself.


All in all, my week was pretty good! Although Hermine might ruin my weekend…it’s supposed to hit where I live pretty soon. Keep all GA, SC, NC, and VA in your prayers!

happy friday,




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