Part three of the interview series! Today I interviewed Fiona, 1/2 of the blog and Instagram Preppy NYC.
When did you first become interested in fashion? I think just having the Instagram and blog and being immersed in the “preppy” community on social media has really helped me to develop my style. Just drawing inspiration from other fashion bloggers and finding new brands an looks I like have really helped me develop my style.
What made you decide to start a blog? Chloe (my fabulous co owner) actually invited me to join her account, at the time she was only posting preppy photos and outfits she liked from Pinterest. But as we started to gain followers and with Chloe’s permission I decided it would be a good path to start posting our own photos and having others find inspiration from us. As I started to take charge on the account I realized a website where we could give into more detail on our outfits an thoughts would be a nice idea. Although I have posted on the blog, I  am still really hoping to keep developing it throughout High school.

Are you planning on a career in fashion? A career in fashion has always been a dream of mine especially after joining the account. Some aspects of the fashion world are not for me, but I really love product development and social media marketing.  Those jobs all really intrigue me and I hope some day I could maybe follow my dreams and have my own clothing line or run a big companies social media account.

If you could choose ONE item to be the essential in a preppy wardrobe, what would it be? As most who follow my account know, I LOVE Lilly Pulitzer, but surprisingly even though I love Lilly, a brightly colored shift would not be my first choice and it’s not very practical either. I would have to say probably classic button downs. You can buy them everywhere and they come in so many colors and prints! You can dress them up, dress them down, you can pretty much do anything with them.
Who are your style inspirations? My biggest style inspirations are probably Carly Heitlinger, ( I love her account so much it’s not even funny she’s such a big inspiration to me!!) , Sarah Vickers ( love her classic New England style and the way she can pull off anything), and probably Lilly Pulitzer ( I ADORE her brand!! I’ve loved her clothing and unique sense of style since second grade) . There are so Many more but those have to be my favorites.
Is there a particular clothing brand that you feel drawn to? I love a lot of brands but I would have to say Lilly Pulitzer, it’s not very common where I live to be wearing lots of fun and bright prints in the suburbs, but with my summers in Cape cod I’ve become so in love with the brand. To be honest sometimes I really wish I would branch out with my style a little more than to wear Lilly a good 40% of the time but I just love it so much and I feel it suits my personality and it makes me feel really confident.
What outfit would be good for the first day at school? I personally love to dress up the first day of school so I will be wearing one of my favorite Lilly dresses on the first day, but if you want to be a little bit more classic then go for a cute button down with a paper bag skirt and some cute accessories, you can never go wrong with the classics!!
What advice do you give other girls out there looking for their style? To all the girls out there who are confused about what their style may be I would say that wear what makes you feel good and buy things you like and that make you happy!! Don’t but clothes that you think will make you look “popular” even if you don’t like them, where what YOU want to where and don’t let others try to change that!!