Yes, I have four pairs of tennis shoes. But before you start to judge me, let me start out by saying that I did not own a pair of athletic tennis shoes until about a month ago. I’ve never been “athletic” in any sense other than dance, but when I tried out for a volleyball team I needed to have a pair. I didn’t make the team, so that kinda stinks…at least I can wear my tennis shoes and look sporty when I go places!


I really like these, even though I was a bit optimistic about making the team seeing that I matched the orange in the shoes to the orange in the team uniforms. I tried on a bunch of tennis shoes at the outlet mall, and by a bunch I mean pretty much every pair of tennis shoes at all of the shoe stores. Nike, as much I love the iconic swoop, didn’t “just do it” for me. (See what I did there? Haha.) ANYways, these New Balance tennis shoes are super comfortable, although if I don’t wear high enough socks they rub the back of my ankle.

For my next pair of tennis shoes, I have to thank my mother. She bought these for herself a couple of years ago and never wore them – since we have the convenience of the same size foot I kind of took them over.


These Converse a little beat up looking, but they’re one of my favorite pairs of shoes. After you’ve worn them for a while they really start to mold to your feet and become super comfy.

Third up on my tennis shoe list are my beloved Sperrys. I got them last year at T.J. Maxx for about $30 (regular price is $85!).


As you can see, I’ve worn them enough to completely wear out the “Sperr” from the sole of the left shoe. That seems a little strange to me considering I walk with both feet equally…

My last pair is actually from American Eagle! They’re not the best quality, but they weren’t expensive either so I guess I shouldn’t complain.


This is honestly THE WORST picture but it was hot and the mosquitoes were biting so I wasn’t going to get a perfect glamour shot. Y’all understand, right? I love the fun pattern on these shoes, but I obviously don’t wear them very often because they only match a select few of my outfits. A cute pair of tennis shoes like these are great if you find them inexpensively because they can add a personal touch to your outfit.

I hope you enjoyed my tennis shoe post, especially because I wrote this while scratching multiple mosquito bites. 😉

xo, Hannah