hey guys! I thought it would be neat to write up a little clothing packing list that will help you to pack efficiently for a beach vacation. fyi – this post is just as much for me as it is for you. I am horrible at packing. It’s like, “hey, I may need to bring this toaster along, cause you never know when you need to toast a piece of bread!”

So anyways. Here’s the list!

  1. Bathing Suits

You’re going to live in your bathing suit because after all, it is the beach. I’m taking 3 tops and two bottoms so I can mix and match.

2. 5 Pairs of Shorts

One denim, one patterned, one seersucker, and two athletic. (Feel free to substitute for any pair, these are just my picks.)

3. One Pair of Jeans

You don’t really need more than one pair – it’s going to be hot.

4. 4 T-Shirts – 3 short sleeve, 1 long sleeve

I prefer Simply Southern, but you can bring any kind.

5. 2 Tank Tops

I’m bringing one nicer chiffon tank and one made out of regular t-shirt material.

6. 2 Sundresses

Sundresses are great for going out to dinner! Don’t worry about taking a nicer dress – it’s the beach, no one expects you to be fancy.

7. Shoes – 1 pair of sneakers, one pair of sandals, one pair of neutral wedges

I may be bringing two pairs of sandals…..shhhhhh….

8. Pajamas (optional)

I’ll probably just sleep in athletic pants and a t-shirt, but if pajamas are more your thing feel free to pack them. 🙂

9. Lingerie + Socks

Bring what you need 😛

10. Jacket or Sweatshirt

The beach can be chilly sometimes! Make sure to pack a jacket or sweatshirt in case you get cold.

Optional: palazzo pants, capris, flats, heels, maxi skirt, anything else you deem necessary (except a toaster.)

have fun on your vacation!

xo, hannah



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