It has been raining all day long…thankfully there was about a 2 minute break so I could take this picture for you!


This Plaid Shirt is probably my favorite out of the gazillion (not really, more like 10) that I have. I wear it with a green vest in the winter, and in the summer I cuff the sleeves and wear it with shorts. Love it!

Cuffed Shorts are my favorite for spring and summer. Want them a little shorter? Roll ’em up! Looking for something more bermuda-like? Unroll the cuff! Perfect every time. 😉

Yellow Box Flip Flops are the best, hands down.

Ray-Bans…one of the few name brands in my closet. They were a gift, but I definitely recommend getting some. They’re amazing.

My Book of the Day is Maximum Ride Forever by James Patterson. This is the last book in the Maximum Ride series, and you should definitely check them out. They’re really hard to put down!