So I decided to try and create three completely different outfits from the base of one black t-shirt: vintage, hipster, and preppy. One black t-shirt, 3 different styles. Can she do it, you ask? Let’s find out! *cue drum roll*


Time for vintage!

This Floral Skirt is great for summer. (Link is to a similar skirt, slightly longer)

A Vintage Key Necklace adds an interesting touch to the outfit. (good interesting, not bad interesting ;))

Black Flats are like the black t-shirt – you can do almost anything to them.


Hipster…trying to be, anyway.

Pink Jeans are always fun!

Plaid is my favorite thing, honestly.

Black Flats…again.


Preppy! 😀

White Shorts are a summer must-have.

Lightweight Scarves are in this season – I definitely recommend grabbing a few for the spring!

Yellow Box Flip-flops are a warm-weather favorite of mine.


I had to take a separate picture of the hat because my book wouldn’t fit under it.

❤ my Lauren James Bow Hat!



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