I have been reorganizing/redecorating my room for the past couple of months, and I think I’m FINALLY done. I love the way it turned out, so I thought I would share it with you guys. 🙂


This bookcase was an Easter present. We picked it up at the flea market last week and I am in ❤ with it. I really tried to incorporate my love of fashion in my room, so I found this cardboard suitcase-type thing and stuck a pink bow belt on it. Perfect! I also cut out my very own copycat Vineyard Vines whales! Very proud of how those turned out.


This is one of my favorite spots in my room. I got this jewelry holder for Christmas, and it is these amazing hooks at the bottom that are pretty much a catch-all for scarves, bags, and hats. I cut out dresses from a vintage paper doll book, and I think it’s perfect for the “‘vintage’ prep’s” room. 🙂


A bed is the teenagers throne. 😉 I love my pink, ruffly throne.


Every comfy chair needs and equally soft blanket to accompany it.


Sperry stickers adorn my closet doors.


A collage of all of my favorite things on my door! (notice my clever attachment of the heart keyhole sticker above the doorknob.)

I hope you enjoyed my room tour, and that it inspired you for your own room. 🙂