The Next Generation

No, to all you geeks out there, I’m not talking about Star Trek. 😉 I’m talking about the next generation of fashionistas, the future of the fashion world. I have a fabulous neighbor named Jocelyn, and she’s in that in-between phase of tween and teen: 11. 11 can be a difficult age because you’re still learning about who you are as a person and you’re still developing your own sense of style. Jocelyn’s style is fun and playful, not too girly, but with just the right amount of pink and sparkles thrown in. I wanted to create an outfit for her out of items she already owned that she would be able to enjoy and really feel like she’s being herself when she wears it.


This outfit is perfect for her. A denim dress gets +5 on the fabulous level when it has a flouncy skirt! The leggings are super fun, and the scarf…oh, the scarf. It feels like a fluffy cloud on a summer day ….a cotton ball that has been poofed to its full potential….a baby lamb who has just been blow-dried on high. Because the blow-dryer makes it fluffy, and so you see how clever I was to put that together….never mind. Anyways. Perfection.