Thrifty: Lauren, Jack, and J. Crew


This gingham Lauren James Dress is fabulous, but at $125, it hurts a little to buy it.


This one from DressLilly has a similar cut and color, and it’s only $17!


Jack Rogers are a classic summertime prep staple. I, for one, will NOT spend $120 on a pair of sandals. Leather boots for that price? Yes. Sandals? No.

No picture sample, but you can find gently used or brand new Jacks on Ebay (direct link to Jack Rogers sandals attached).


The J. Crew Twisted Pearl Necklace is iconic in the preppy world. For $98, it’s not too bad for genuine pearls. If you’re not looking for a long term investment though, perhaps we should go the thrifty way.


This Target Brand Pearl Necklace is perfect at $25.