5 Minute Makeup: Natural Eye Edition

I’ve decided to start featuring hair and makeup as well as the “clothing” side of fashion. 🙂 Fashion is a combination of many things beauty-related, and hair and makeup are definitely apart of that category. This edition of 5 Minute Makeup is for a really easy natural eye – it’s my go-to in fact. Let’s get started!


This Ulta eyeshadow is my fav…the natural pallete from Maybelline has the same colors.


Eyeshadow Brushes are flat with a rounded tip. This ensures even coverage and makes it very easy to use.



For our first product on the eyelid, we’re going to mix these two shades together with the eyeshadow brush.


This creates a base for the rest of the eyeshadow and eyeliner we’re going to use in a moment.


Crease Brushes look like a circle when viewed from the top. These are for more fine-tuned eyeshadow work, primarily under the brow bone.



Focus mainly on covering the outside edge of the lid and underneath the brow bone.


I love this eyeliner from Ulta…it goes on very smooth and the color doesn’t run. The one I’m using is in the Black Brown shade.


Make sure you get as close to eyelashes as you possibly can, otherwise there will be a gap and it will look like you have two eyebrows. 😉


THE BEST mascara, no question about it. So amazing.


There is the finished product! I hope you guys enjoyed this, because there will be more coming your way soon. 🙂