Thrift Shopping

Yes: I go to Goodwill. No: I don’t buy junky clothes that looks like they’ve been through the shredder. twice.

You just have to be willing to look when you’re thrift shopping. Roll up your sleeves (J. Crew Style preferably) and dive right in. I made a Goodwill run a few days ago and I found some really cute things:


I love the sweetheart neckline that the plaid gives, and the black underlay makes it a little more flattering. So cute! $4


Argyle is the new black. Seriously. Love. $3.50


I stand by my previous statement. $3.50

So let’s total up the bill, shall we? I’d much rather add up bargains than do my Algebra 2 homework…


Okay. So go to Saks and spend $1,100 or just hit Goodwill with me and make it $11. See ya later!