School Uniform – Prep Style

I go to a homeschool co-op every Tuesday for Writing and Literature. I thought it would be fun to wear a spin off of the classic school uniform – skirt, sweater, tights, etc. IMG_7671.JPG

This Black and White Striped Shirt from J. Crew has nice, thin lines – think French and not jailbird.

Everyone loves a Black A-Line Skirt, right?

My grey sweater has a collar, but this Long-Sleeve Grey Cardigan would look just as cute.

Purple Tights add a fun flair to any neutral outfit.

Black Scrunch Flats are the perfect compliment to this school uniform look.

I have on a turquoise monogrammed necklace for a pop of color, but you could use any statement necklace you like. Not too crazy though! 😉

My book of the day is The Secret of the Old Clock by Carolyn Keene – I’ve loved Nancy Drew for the longest time.