Not About the Money

Preppy style is really defined by certain brands…for example: Vineyard Vines, J. Crew, L.L. Bean, Lilly Pulitzer, etc. However, as a 14 year old without a job, name brands can be pretty hard to come by. If you’re in a similar situation, I hope my outfits can be of some inspiration to you. 🙂 I try my best to create those on-trend preppy looks, but with a lower price point. I’m definitely not saying name brands are bad, I have a pair of Sperry’s that are my FAVORITE shoes, and I’m in the process of saving up for some Hunters. (Navy blue, in case you were wondering.)

I get a lot of my clothes from T.J. Maxx – they have name brands and really great prices.

IMG_6785 copy_edited-1.jpg

This is a Ralph Lauren dress, and I got it at T.J. Maxx for $10 because it had hole in it. My mom fixed it for me, and viola! A super cute name-brand dress for $10.

You just have to be creative and flexible when it comes to thrifty prep shopping…look for deals, and find just-as-cute items from off-brands. 🙂