20 Degrees and Windy

whew. I about froze to go outside and take that picture for you guys. you’re welcome.

today I’m going ice skating with a few of my friends, and I wanted something that would be plenty warm, but with layers in case I got a little TOO warm. I’m going to be wearing a puffy jacket too, but not one I deemed picture worthy.

IMG_7541 copy.jpg

This Blue Henly is great for layering, and it happened to match perfectly to the shade of blue in my blanket scarf.

The Black Lace Sweater is SO versatile, I wear it all the time. It’s on clearance right now, so pick it up while you can!

These Dark Denim Jeans are my favorite. I love skinny jeans, and these are the perfect balance between fitted and not-skintight. LOVE them.

My Plaid Blanket Scarf is so warm, it’s not even funny. Enough said.

I love my Black Scrunch Flats. I wear them with pretty much everything.

And finally, covering my face, is the incredible book Mysterious Benedict Society. Oh goodness. You need to read it.

disclaimer: I am covering my face because there are a lot of freaks in this world who could try and discover my identity. don’t be one of those people.



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