Me: The Vintage Prepster

Prepster: A combination of equal parts hip and preppy in one person.

Vintage: A timeless style or era.

Yep. That pretty much sums me up. Equal parts hipster and preppy, with a quirky vintage edge. My name is Hannah, and fashion is a big part of my life. Probably bigger than it should be, but you know, we all have our faults. Last year I ran across a magical thing called Pinterest. On that magical thing called Pinterest there was an even more magical thing that seemed to be very popular: outfits on white backgrounds. “I must make those!” I said with feeling, gesturing wildly for emphasis. I immediately signed up for Polyvore, the most magical thing of all. That really instilled a love of fashion in me. Granted, my online fashion is pretty different than my real-life one, but everyone is cooler online than they are in person. I use words like “sup” online. Talk to me in person, and you will be dealing with a nerdy introvert who would much rather blog than go to a social gathering of any kind. True story. Anyways.

The vintage prepster. That’s me. 🙂


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